Redefining the future of Travel CRM

Cloud-based CRM designed to digitize and optimize the operations of key players in the travel industry.

A CRM solution developed specially
for the travel industry

Our solution empowers Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, DMCs and Experience Providers to better serve their customers by improving access to digital sales channels, streamlining the sales process, capturing customers information, and providing the tools to personalize the customer journey.

Travelite designed with
your success in mind

Go Digital

Link your website and other digital channels to the sales process.

Use one of our ready-to-go B2C / B2B online customer portals. 

Connect with your Customer via a mobile App.

Expand Your Offer

Connect to more inventory through pre-built GDS integrations.

Easily create more bundles, packages, and tours.

Increase revenue with upsell potential.

Increase Customer


Identify purchasing patterns and preferences.

Understand traveler´s behaviour.

Measure customer satisfaction with automated surveys.

Optimize your sales process

Automate customer acquisition & enquiry management  process.

Price your services and offers in real time.

Seamlessly create personalized itineraries

Improve your operations

Streamline your supplier booking processes.

Automate invoicing and payment processing.

Capture insights out of smart reporting & analytics.

Scale your business easily

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Faster Product loading
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Increase in Bookings
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Faster Itinerary Ceation

Traveler profile overview

Know your traveler

Gain a complete understanding of your customers and provide exceptional service with Traveler 360° view. 

By consolidating all customer information in one place, including contact details, purchasing patterns, travel history, preferences, loyalty programs, and memberships, you’ll have the insights you need to personalize itineraries and experiences that meet their needs. 

With this knowledge, you can offer timely recommendations and create unforgettable travel experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Powerful search engine

Game-changer for Travel Management

Efficiently manage your travel offerings with our comprehensive Search Engine feature. This feature allows you to search for flights, hotels, tours, activities and other services from a variety of sources, all in one place.

The search engine capabilities enable you to compare prices, flight routes, hotel amenities, and experience options from multiple providers, giving you access to a wider range of choices. 
Filter results based on specific criteria, such as price range, preferred airline, or hotel rating.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Smart business decisions

Our robust travel industry solution offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering you to stay informed and in control of your business performance. 

With real-time tracking of sales, bookings, and revenue, you can gain instant insights into key business metrics and make data-driven decisions that drive growth.

Our tools provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily monitor and analyze data trends and optimize your business performance to stay ahead of the competition.

Personalized traveler experience

Create Breathtaking Itineraries

Amaze your travelers with modern-looking and information-rich itineraries. Our specialized solution generates breathtaking itineraries and travel documents that provide a personalized travel experience for your customers even before the trip has started. Now you can swiftly and seamlessly create customized itineraries that cater to your customers’ unique preferences and needs.

No longer do you need to spend valuable time piecing together different elements of a trip manually. Our solution streamlines the process, enabling you to easily add flights, accommodations, activities, and other relevant details to a single itinerary.

We are changing the Travel & Hospitality industry

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Our powerful Travel CRM is easy and flexible to integrate with other top solutions in the market

Unlock the power of TraveLite API Integrations to have consolidated data of your partners’ and suppliers’ inventory and offers in real time. Open Standards APIs support any integration process and helps to get access and push the right information at the right time by connecting other applications and digital channels with TraveLite.

TraveLite was developed by Nubessom, a one stop Salesforce Consulting and Development Company since 2013.

The heart of Nubessom is the innovation. As a fast creative and flexible company they are always looking to change the future of industries through efficient technologies.

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