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The Saudi Motorsport Company (SMC) is the dedicated commercial and operational entity established to bring the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s motorsport events under a single umbrella as well as being the first public body in Saudi Arabia dedicated to commercializing motorsport at a national level.

Travel CRM and Guest Management Application for Saudi Motorsport Company


The main objectives of the project were to:

– Improve guest relations and journey throughout RSVP and on-boarding processes, as well as the event experience.
– Streamline guest management processes and coordinate multiple guest categories.
– Automate guest itinerary creation and ensure quick and easy modification during the event.
– Connect guests with support teams, drivers, and personal assistants via the mobile application.
– Create advanced reporting and analytics to track KPIs for the event and guest management operations.

We implemented a robust Travel CRM and Guest Management Application for Saudi Motorsport Company – enabling digital transformation of the customer journey, from guest on-boarding and itinerary creation to event management, guest support, and on-the-ground services.


Guest 360° view with guest categories linked to predefined services and experiences.

●  Seamless service and experience allocation based on selected Guest category.

● Guided RSVP flow and Guest on-boarding process.

● Email templates easily customizable based on event and guest category.

● Guest attendance management.

● Services & experiences database with stock management.

● Travel Vouchers with Guest Itinerary information.

● Guest App with itinerary, calendar, experiences and chat options.

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