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best-in-class SaaS Platform
Personalized and treamlined
Customer and User experience
Intelligent processes automation Pre-packaged tours and experiences Seamless integration with
B2C/B2B online booking portals
TraveLite Cloud-based solution designed to transform travel and
hospitality industry by helping companies create digital customer experience, maintain sales and business data integrity, implement seamless integrations with industry platforms and increase the efficiency of operational processes.
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Who Is It for?

TraveLite platform can support companies Business and Leisure segments operations, creation of pre-packaged or dynamic services, starting from flight tickets and accommodation to tours and experiences, including complementary services like visas and insurances, transfers, etc.

With TraveLite B2C and B2B online booking portals, traditional industry players can quickly go through digital transformation and gain access to new customers through new and sales channels.

Business Benefits

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Flawless Customer Journeys
and User Experience

Allow users to manage pre-sales, sales and post-sales activities in an automated way, always having the customer as a focal point of the process.

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Personalization with Best in Class Salesforce CRM

Gain better understanding of your customers’ needs via fully
integrated CRM. Build seamless customer journey and
continuous engagement. Get insights into your customers
behavior patterns. Learn from customer preferences to create
more targeted offers using advanced AI mechanisms.

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Digital Experience

Interact with your customers, partners and suppliers through
multiple channels i.e. customer & partner portals, mobile apps,
emails, messengers and social networks. Integrate your
partners and suppliers systems and streamline B2B interactions
and transactions.

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Operational Efficiency

Monitor customer activities and communicate any updates and
changes in real-time, schedule and manage on-ground teams,
track service fulfilment, have customer documents and supplier
contracts at your fingertips with smart notifications setup.

Feature highlights


Create, store and manage your travel offers and itineraries in one place and benefit from the functionality that allows you to:

Pricing Configuration

Set prices for services, tours and experiences based on number of travelers, travel days, seasonal demand. Manage discounts and partner commissions. Monitor company’s profits.

Sales Cycle Management

Create and manage customer enquiries from order to payment. Reduce the manual data entry with the help of guided processes and instant track of sales stages.

Feature highlights

Reservations Management

Create and manage service bookings and property reservations with respective suppliers. Maximize efficiency and save time by controlling all reservations from one place by using availability calendars and smart notifications.

Invoicing and Payments

Create invoices by using our pre-build templates. Setup integration with your payment gateway to capture payment related information. Get information about financial transactions through integrations with your back office systems.

Smart Reporting and Analytics

Use dashboard and reporting tools to efficiently gather information and analyze customer preferences and behaviour, gain sales and profitability insights to support business decisions.

We Help our Clients

Reassess distribution and sales channels, find alternative ways to reach their audience.

Make accurate forecasts,
manage costs and profits in
times of extreme uncertainty.

Reimagine relationships with customers, partners and
suppliers through personalized communication channels
when it matters most.

Travelite Success Stories

PASHA Travel is a full service Tourism and Destination Management Company in Azerbaijan, member of ICCA and the country’s only IATA and ISO-certified full service provider. 

Company creates and operates a superb range of travel experiences and fine selection of the world’s most alluring destinations.

Project Overview

PASHA Travel was searching for a robust travel CRM solution to manage sales, bookings, reservations and tour management processes with in-depth reporting and analytics functionality.

Original CRM project turned into end-to-end travel operations platform, which allowed to manage pre-defined and dynamic service inventory with its custom pricing and discount logic, itinerary management, connection to Client’s B2C website through API integration, automated invoicing and payment processes.

Sydney Luxury Cruise is a boutique private yacht charter company that offers both custom and pre-built experiences in Sydney, Australia.
Project Overview

The main idea of this project was to automate sales process by seamlessly capturing customer enquiries from Client’s website, supported by TraveLite booking engine and payment collection via Stripe integration.

Project also covered content management capabilities with TraveLite CMS feature, service fulfilment and customer satisfaction tracking.



Unlock the power of TraveLite API Integrations to have consolidated data of your partners’ and suppliers’ inventory and offers in real time. Open Standards APIs support any integration process and helps to get access and push the right information at the right time by connecting other applications and digital channels with TraveLite. 

We constantly working on adding new pre-built integrations with main travel industry platforms:

TraveLite was developed by Nubessom, a one stop Salesforce Consulting and Development Company since 2013.