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TraveLite can

support companies’ Business and Leisure segments, as well as Incoming and Outgoing operations, including different services proposition from ticketing and accommodation to experience and pre-packaged products. 

With its pre-build B2C and B2B web portals traditional industry players can quickly go through digital transformation and gain access to new customers or recover the ones, lost to the new competitors.

Streamlined processes

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Provide a flawless customer journey and user experience

Allow customers to manage the pre-sales, sales and post-sales processes in an automated way. The customer is always the central point of the process.

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Automate business operations

by reducing the need for manual data entry, centralizing bookings, maintaining and tracking inventory and more.

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Eliminate friction from your communication with partners.

Provide improved functionality and profitability for service suppliers.

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Improve operational efficiency and customer experience simultaneously.

Track customer activities, come up with personalized offers and solutions and communicate it.

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Make your digital presence more prominent easily

and react to changing customer needs in the digital space without delay.

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Manage all your operations from Travelite

and save time and money on your business processes.

Feature highlights

We’ve helped to create thousands of itineraries, from the simplest single day trips to complex multi-destination tailor-made itineraries.

Itinerary Creation & Management

Offer a 360 degree experience to you custumer: serve all their needs before or during their journey with pre-packed or instant offers.

React to any change in the itinerary or in coustomer needs immediately.

Reservation Management

Maximize efficiency and save time by controlling all reservations from central one tool.
Use customer-facing fatures such as booking confirmations, cancelation online payment gateways.

Assure a seamless customer journey, engagement and connectivity.

Inventory Management

Manage enquiries, from order to cash with fully integrated inventory management, including:

  • dynamic & pre-packaged offer preparation and pricing.
  • real-time feedback on availability.
  • online payment system and billing solution
  • We’ve helped our clients to

    Feature highlights

    Digital Omni-channel Management

    Push your products and services to customers via multiple channels i.e. online marketplaces, customer & service provider portals mobile app, email& messengers, social channels.

    Integrate your and your partners systeams and streamline B2B interactions and transactions.

    Embedded CRM

    Understand your customers better via our all-in-one CRM tool with end-to-end integration. All data in one place.

    Have an overview about all interactions and learn from customer's needs and preferences in order to create more targeted offers and packages.

    Smart Reporting & AI Toils

    Allow users to effectively gather information gain insights into sales and profits.

    Generate custom drag & drop reports to support business decisions.

    Manage Customer journey and behavior using advanced AI mechanisms


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